Complaints Procedure

In what I hope is the unlikely event that you have a complaint with my services, we should try first to resolve it informally. Please email me (it will be helpful for you to put your complaint in writing at an early point) with details of what you think I have done wrongly or inadequately (or not done at all). I promise that I shall reply to you within 2 weeks (ten working days), also by email, setting out my response. I shall also telephone you (unless you do not wish to be telephoned, in which case please say so in your initial email) and try to resolve the issues.

If this does not resolve the issues, please write to me formally setting out your dis-satisfaction and responding to my own comments in the informal stage. Indicate what you think I need to do to resolve the problem. I will reply in writing within two weeks (ten working days) with a formal answer.

If that does not succeed in resolving the issues, I am happy to mediate the dispute between us. Mediation is a wholly voluntary procedure designed to resolve disputes, conducted by a wholly independent third party trained to help people do that. It is not an adjudicative procedure but wholly consensual.

Please note that I have professional indemnity insurance with HCC Tokio Marine Insurance with a limit of £1,000,000.