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Arbitrator - Mediator - Legal Adviser - Counsellor at Law

Bill's practice centres on insurance and reinsurance disputes and coverage issues, advice on wordings and commercial litigation and arbitration. He handles a wide range of disputes, in both litigation and arbitration. He has been acting in London Market issues for over 30 years and represents clients in many jurisdictions.

Bill also has expertise in Trust and Fiduciary Disputes and commercial litigation and arbitration.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He is also a CEDR accredited mediator and a Member of the Council on Civil Mediation. He is a practising arbitrator and mediator.

His work spans the insurance/reinsurance, commercial and not-for-profit sectors.

Bill speaks French.

Bill Perry

Cliveden View Cottage,
Sutton Road, Cookham,
Berkshire, SL6 9RD

+44 7887 645261

Mediation - Arbitration - A D R

Bill first sat as an arbitrator 15 years ago. His experience as an arbitrator sitting in international arbitrations includes arbitrations both in and outside England, governed by and applying both English and foreign law.

Parties who have appeared before him include both private sector entities and governmental ones. He has been a member (or equivalent) of the Chartered Institute of Arbitration for more than 35 years.

He is also a mediator accredited by CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution - widely acknowledged as the ‘gold standard’ in mediation). He is a member of the Civil Mediation Council.

Naturally, Bill also has much experience representing parties in arbitrations and mediations. Clients he has acted for in one or the other (and both) include international trading companies, insurance companies, institutions, dealers, trust beneficiaries, legatees and others, whether as claimants or respondents.

In other words, he has extraordinarily wide experience acting for, deciding between and helping to resolve disputes between all types of party in a wide variety of circumstances.

Described in Chambers UK as "a charming, hugely impressive lawyer who is able to cut through to the core of very complex matters ", he is flexible, adaptable and sensible in his approach, above all recognising the need for cost-effective and realistic outcomes achieved in a timely way.

Widely recognised for his expertise in the (re)insurance coverage, product liability, fine art, commercial litigation, contentious trust and probate dispute fields, Bill is happy to help either by accepting appointment as arbitrator or mediator, or by acting for those involved in these processes.

Bill Perry

Legal Adviser - Counsellor at Law

I qualified as a solicitor in 1977. Before that, I was what was then called an 'Articled Clerk' from 1974. Before that, I started training in the law at the College of Law in 1973. So I have been working, one way or another, in the law for about 45 years.

Anyone in England can be a 'Legal Adviser' or a 'Counsellor at Law'. Only someone who has passed the right exams and formal training, has a current Practising Certificate issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (“SRA”), who is registered correctly with the SRA and who has the right professional indemnity insurance in place, can practice as a 'solicitor'. I have all these. What is more, only a practising solicitor can do certain 'reserved' things, such as conduct litigation for a client. I am a solicitor. I do those things.

So why am I offering here only to be a 'Legal Adviser' and 'Counsellor at Law' (as well as a mediator and arbitrator)?

It is because (a) I was until 30 April 2018 a partner of a firm called Carter Perry Bailey LLP. I am pleased to say that Carter Perry Bailey is still going strong, even though I am no longer a partner there. I have covenants with it, stemming from my time as a partner, which mean that I cannot work as a solicitor for (most of) the clients I had there. (b) Though I work for myself, I do amongst other business have a contract with Carter Perry Bailey to work for them as Senior Counsel. That too means that I have covenants with them not to act for their clients, for example. (c) I am not registered with the SRA as a sole practitioner. And (d) the only professional indemnity insurance I have is through Carter Perry Bailey's. So for all these reasons, I cannot at the moment work for anyone as a solicitor, unless instructed at Carter Perry Bailey.

I am delighted, on the other hand, to act for anyone as a Legal Adviser and/or Counsellor at Law. There are actually very few things that are legally reserved to solicitors, and my knowledge and experience are what they are. So as a Legal Adviser or Counsellor at Law, I can give much the same advice, draft much the same letters and generally help clients in much the same way (except in the narrow 'reserved' areas, and not benefitting from legal professional privilege) as if I were a solicitor.

By the way, our contract – all work is accepted on my Standard Terms of Business - will provide (since I have no insurance) that you can't sue me if I mess up! How many times have I been sued for messing up in the last 45 years, you ask? Never, is the answer - hoping that I am not tempting fate!

Best of all, my fees are much lower as a Legal Adviser than as a solicitor. Why not halve your costs and see what a Legal Adviser can do for you?

Bill Perry

Career Overview

Bill has practised in (re)insurance since the 1980s. He has widespread experience, predominantly in the property and casualty markets, both direct and reinsurance. He is an acknowledged expert in the field of art and High Net Worth insurance.

He advises on numerous aspects of (re)insurance law ranging from writing fine art policy portfolios to advising and litigating or arbitrating both nationally and internationally. His experience covers, amongst others, film finance reinsurance books of business, BBB claims and policies, brokers' duties and agency authority, valuation issues and coverage advice relating to all types of policy (including life). In addition, Bill's practice encompasses inspections, back-to back reinsurance, commutations, Part VII Transfers, solicitors' negligence and state-backed indemnity fund terms.

He has a substantial practice in commercial litigation and dispute resolution, mainly of an international nature, including, for example, back-to-back ICC arbitrations involving commodity transactions between companies in three jurisdictions and the law of two others.

He also has a long-standing contentious trust and probate practice, acting in high value international trust and probate disputes for beneficiaries and trustees. He has been a charitable trustee and a pension scheme trustee for many years.

He has been involved in a long-running competition law matter involving the Competition Commission/Competition & Markets Authority, the Payment Systems Regulator and the DTI/DBEIS for a national federation of many thousands of businesses. His role in acting for this client over more than 15 years also includes interpretation, drafting and advice upon enforcement of its rules (including conduct rules), on which he has also advised others over many years.

Bill is a Past President of the IADC (President 2011-12; Board Member 2007-13). He is currently Director of IADC's 2017 International Corporate Counsel College; and a Member of the Business Litigation, Insurance and Reinsurance, International (Chair 2005-07) and Senior Advisory (Chair 2013-14) Committees. He was appointed Chair of Nominating Committee 2016.

He is also a Past President of Insuralex, the Global Insurance Lawyers Group (President 2012-14, Vice-President 2010-12).

Bill is a Prime member of the ADTA.

He is also Chairman of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Service Providers (since 2014). AirSP is a networking and professional development group of those who provide services to the (re)insurance market, such as accountants, actuaries, auditors, claims handlers, compliance advisers, risk managers, run-off managers and solicitors across three continents.

Bill Perry

Reported Cases

Hall v Maritek Bahamas Ltd [2015] UKPC 23, [2015] All ER (D) 217 (Privy Council) - Offer and acceptance in contract law.

Labrouche v Frey & Others [2012] 1 WLR 3160 (C.A.) - Obligation of Judge to hear both sides orally.

AGF Insurance v Lexington Insurance [2009] UKHL 40 (H. of L./S.C.) - Back-to-back reinsurance.

(AGF Insurance Ltd v Lexington Insurance Co [2007] Lloyd's Rep IR 604 (1st Instance); [2008] Lloyd's Rep IR 510 and [2008] 1 All ER (Comm) 1085 (C.A.))

Callaghan & Anor v Thompson [2000] Lloyd's Rep IR 125 - Requirements for affirmation of insurance policy.

Callaghan & Anor v Dominion Insurance and Others [1997] 2 Lloyd's Rep 541 - Insurance claim limitation period start.

Armitage v Nurse [1997] 3 WLR 1046 - Exculpation clauses for trustees.

Aetna Reinsurance Co (UK) Ltd v Central Reinsurance Corp [1996] LRLR 165 - Inspection as bar to summary judgment.

Vural v Security Archives (1990) 60 P & C R; 258 Ch D - The first of the two primary cases cited by the Law Commission in its March 2009 Report “Reforming Insurance Contract Law”.

Englander & Another v Berger and Others [1990] Ch 118 - A Jewish Zavah is an effective English law Will.

Halvanon Insurance Ltd. v Jewett Duchesne (International) Ltd. FT CLR 28/4/87 (FT 20/3/87) - Use of expert evidence.

Rabin & Others v Gerson Berger Association Limited & Others [1986] 1 All ER 374 (C.A.) - Extrinsic evidence in construction of charitable trust deed.

Berger & Others v Raymond Sun Ltd & Others [1984] 1 WLR 625 - Similar fact evidence.

SNW Commodities v Falik [1984] 2 Lloyd's Rep 224 - Dealers' rights to make cash calls on traders' positions.

Wilson Smithett & Cope Ltd v Shirlett & Tudor Estates Ltd FT 19/2/83 - Margin calls on futures trades.

(And in the press: e.g. In Re Clarke, L'Estrange & Ors v Prus; ‘The Mandrill'.)

Bill Perry

Directory Recognition


  • "...focuses on assisting clients facing issues disputes between insurers and insured and arbitrations".
  • "...conducts both insurance and reinsurance cases, and is a recognised specialist in fine art insurance. According to sources, he is "a charming, hugely impressive lawyer who is able to cut through to the core of very complex matters."
  • "Bill Perry's contentious claims expertise encompasses a particular specialism in fine art insurance".

Legal 500

  • " recommended".
  • "Extremely professional".
  • "...a consummate operator in the reinsurance world".

Who's Who Legal

  • Rated for Insurance and Reinsurance and for Product Liability Defence

Citywealth Leaders List:

  • Rated for contentious trust work

Thompson Reuters' "Superlawyers"

  • Rated a 'Superlawyer' in Insurance and one of the top 100 lawyers in London during the period that it was published in England.
Bill Perry